Top 4 basic investment everyone take action today in india

Top 4 basic investment in india

     In today India most of people’s still don’t have enough knowledge about investment. Because most of people having a fear of loosing their money.  But today in this article I am talking about top 4 basic investment for every beginners even not educated people’s. These methods are more effective and powerful methods no one can loosing their money that ways. There all 100% legal investment and most of people obtained good profit every day to day.

4 types investment are

1.Gold & Jewellery
2.Bank Deposit
3.Real Estate
4.Vehicle Lease

1.Gold & Jewellery

Gold is a everyone well known assert. All Indian women’s always loved and more greedy gold & jewellery. They purchased for their marriage, festivals, gifts, engagement etc … due to high percentage women’s rate in India gold & jewellery value never decreased so you can easily and trustfully invested on gold & jewellery.

Day to day gold & jewellery rates increased slightly so today if you buy a gold & jewellery with small rates you will sale after a while a big amount.

2.Bank deposit

Bank deposit is a 100% safest deposit by government. The process of gaining profit in bank deposit is simple, bank providing interest rate  on how much money you were in  deposited. If you deposited more money & high interest rate you will got more profit that the way of interest rate.

Types of bank deposit

     1.fixed deposit
     2.saving deposit

Fixed deposit

   Fixed deposit is a type of bank deposit which provide high interest rate 5% – 10%. It’s mean deposit your money for high interest returns with fixed amount of money & years. But you can’t withdraw your money until that particular time period. If you have an emergency you will withdraw your money with penalty. Every bank offering fixed deposit you can start your fixed deposit just today by some simple procedure.

Saving deposit

    Saving deposit is a normal saving account everyone maintained at bank. But it’s carrying a low interest rate because you can withdraw & deposit your money any time how much you want. It’s not like that fixed deposit fully different process.

3.Real estate

     Real estate currently generate high margin profits due to development of industries, building, population etc… Due to that development day to day land value increase slightly. So you can generously invested on land. But you must use some real estate strategy.

How do I start real estate ?

     The most two important factors to starting a real estate is budget & choosing a correct area. Choosing area means you must choose improvement areas rather than non improvement areas because improvement areas has a high margin value its basic & simple logic. Budget means your low budget value brings out high margin profit that’s a good real estate. If high budget value brings out low margin profit it’s not good real estate.

So your budget value & choosing a correct land is important factors of a good real estate.

4.Vehicle lease

     Vehicle lease is simply said lease or rend your vehicle with period of time for money. Not every people have a vehicle but all people have an importance of vehicle usage. So buying vehicle and leasing to who wants emergency of their usage is good investment in India because India has a high population and most of people not having a vehicle.

Top 4 vehicle to buy and lease
3.lorry tempo

Auto & car

      Vehicle leasing is a simple and powerful business in India due to more population in our country. In urban areas every people being adopted with urjunce & emergence so every people want reach their destination within less times so you can generously leasing auto and car in  urban areas is a good and easy investment.

Mini tempo & lorry

       Lorry and mini tempo is a weight carrying vehicle. Small and huge weight carrying vehicle used day to day life for carrying a weight one place to another place. No one people wants to carrying a weight So, leasing weight carrying vehicle like a mini tempo and lorry is a good investment in today India.

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